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 New Research from Sperian Protection Reveals that Eye Safety is Linked to Successful Culture of Safety
Findings help guide safety directors in improving workplace safety


SMITHFIELD, R.I. — April 1, 2010 — Sperian Protection, the world leader in personal protective equipment (PPE) and makers of Uvex® brand safety eyewear, today released new statistics and key findings from two studies it conducted among safety directors throughout North America. One important finding in the research is that of 150 safety managers surveyed, more than two thirds agree it is possible to build a stronger culture of safety in the workplace by starting with better eye safety.

The research was conducted as part of Sperian Protection’s commitment to understanding the unique challenges facing safety managers. It explored their philosophies about safety compliance as well as key components and challenges in building a successful safety culture at their facilities. The studies included safety directors and related workers across more than 15 industry segments throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Of the three hundred safety directors surveyed in the first study, 88 percent consider compliance one of their top concerns, yet 35 percent are not satisfied with their current level of eye safety compliance. Thirty percent believe that many brands of protective eyewear do not meet basic compliance standards. In the second study, 82 percent of the 125 safety directors surveyed do not trust compliance standards alone to adequately protect

“Kicking off a safety initiative with eye protection makes sense for several reasons,” said David Iannelli, senior product manager for Uvex, Sperian Protection’s flagship brand. “First, it’s easy to understand how valuable and vulnerable our eyes are, so it’s an easy platform for starting a persuasive safety conversation. Second, eye protection is an easy thing for safety managers and peers alike to see in action – everyone can tell who is being
accountable for his or her own safety. And for these reasons, it’s a great basis for providing positive feedback to those who are in compliance, helping reinforce safe behavior.”

The results of Sperian Protection’s studies were instrumental in building the company’s premier culture of safety online resource which features tools, tips and expert insights for those working to protect their workforce, available at www.Uvex.us. The study results will also be utilized to guide upcoming workforce education and certification programs.

The extensive research conducted by Sperian Protection demonstrates the company’s unparalleled commitment to understanding the unique challenges safety managers face, helping them achieve their goals through building a culture of safety, improving compliance and delivering state-of-the-art product innovation.


About Uvex
Uvex is the world’s top-selling protective eyewear brand. Through high-performing products and innovative services, Uvex is the brand that inspires people to heighten awareness, increase productivity and foster a culture of safety in the workplace. For more than 60 years, Uvex has delivered the most advanced coatings, styles and materials to protect workers in every industry. Its commitment to rigorous testing and extensive research and development ensures that every Uvex style meets or exceeds industry safety standards while delivering unparalleled comfort. The brand’s unique service offerings enable safety managers to access Uvex expertise, educational tools, programs and references to build and sustain best-in-class safety platforms. Sperian Protection offers Uvex® branded products exclusively in the Americas. For more information please visit www.uvex.us.

About Sperian Protection
With nearly 6,000 employees worldwide, Sperian Protection serves the global personal protective equipment (PPE) industry, providing hearing, eye, respiratory, fall, body and hand protection. As a world leader in multiple PPE categories, Sperian is committed to offering innovative products adapted to high-risk environments so that workers in the manufacturing and services industries can work with confidence. For more information, please visit www.sperian.com. Sperian Protection is listed on Euronext’s Eurolist and on the SBF120. It is eligible for the SRD deferred settlement system.

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