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Uvex Launches Two New Lens Coatings for Protective Eyewear
Supra-Dura® anti-scratch coating and Uvextreme® Plus anti-fog coating prolong lens life and help improve worker safety


SMITHFIELD, R.I. — June 14, 2010 — Sperian Protection, the world leader in personal protective equipment
(PPE), today announced that its flagship eyewear brand, Uvex, has launched two new lens coatings for protectiveeyewear. Supra-Dura anti-scratch coating and Uvextreme Plus anti-fog coating prolong lens life and improve worker safety. The coatings were developed based on extensive research conducted by Sperian Protection among safety managers, who voiced a need for overall durability of safety eyewear.

The new Uvex Supra-Dura anti-scratch coating provides five times more scratch resistance than others on the market, measured using the Bayer Abrasion Test. The lenses are treated with a hardcoat that withstands rigorous testing and performs extremely well in the most demanding work environments. Because the lenses resist scratching better, they last longer and require less frequent replacement, a cost-saving benefit to safety managers. And because they provide ongoing optical clarity, workers are more likely to wear them, resulting in a workforce that is better protected than one that removes safety eyewear due to poor visibility caused by lens scratches. Supra-Dura is available exclusively on the Uvex Specifix™ Collection of protective eyewear, which includes Uvex VersaPro™, Uvex PrecisionPro™, Uvex SolarPro™ and Uvex ExtremePro™.

The new Uvextreme Plus anti-fog coating delivers long-lasting protection from fogging, even in intensely hot and humid work environments. Uvextreme Plus is permanently bonded to the lens for exceptional performance and maintains its anti-fog properties for twice as long as the original Uvextreme® anti-fog coating. It is available exclusively on the Uvex ExtremePro style in a variety of lens tint options.

"Uvex is at the forefront of lens coating innovation, and these new coatings are a true breakthrough in the
protective eyewear industry," said David Iannelli, senior product manager for Sperian Eye & Face Protection.
"Supra-Dura and Uvextreme Plus coatings raise the bar for protecting workers' eyes and delivering superior
quality and value to safety managers. Finally, workers can have a lens coating that matches the rigors of their job."

Uvex is an acknowledged leader in lens coatings in the safety industry. In fall 2007 the company launched its Dura-streme® coating, the first dual application of anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings on one lens. In addition, Uvextreme anti-fog and Ultra-dura® anti-scratch hard coat are top-of-market coatings for which the Uvex brand is recognized as an innovator. The two newest lens coatings from Sperian, Supra-Dura and Uvextreme Plus, embody the Uvex brand's unparalleled commitment to product innovation and safety in the workplace.

More information about the Supra-Dura and Uvextreme Plus coatings and the entire Specifix Collection of
protective eyewear is available at


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About Uvex
Uvex is the world's top-selling protective eyewear brand. Through high-performing products and innovative
services, Uvex is the brand that inspires people to heighten awareness, increase productivity and foster a culture of safety in the workplace. For more than 60 years, Uvex has delivered the most advanced coatings, styles and materials to protect workers in every industry. Its commitment to rigorous testing and extensive research and development ensures that every Uvex style meets or exceeds industry safety standards while delivering unparalleled comfort. The brand's unique service offerings enable safety managers to access Uvex expertise, educational tools, programs and references to build and sustain best-in-class safety platforms. Sperian Protection offers Uvex® branded products exclusively in the Americas. For more information please visit

About Sperian Protection
With nearly 6,000 employees worldwide, Sperian Protection serves the global personal protective equipment
(PPE) industry, providing hearing, eye, respiratory, fall, body and hand protection. As a world leader in multiple PPE categories, Sperian is committed to offering innovative products adapted to high-risk environments so that workers in the manufacturing and services industries can work with confidence. For more information, please visit
 www.sperian.com. Sperian Protection is listed on NYSE Euronext and is part of the SBF120. It is eligible for the SRD deferred settlement system.

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